so who are we, anyway?


age: 30-something
backstory: from connecticut
likes: comic books, tacos, music, movies, pop culture
dislikes: nascar, political commercials
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age: 20-something
backstory: from orlando
likes: reading, crafting, shopping
dislikes: humidity


age: 9ish
backstory: found under a dumpster in miami
likes: naps, fetching, going to the park, nose scratchies
dislikes: penny, mailmen


age: 1.5ish
backstory: adopted at Atlanta Pet Rescue
likes: bones, chasing her tail, chasing cats, snuggling with Friday
dislikes: dogs barking on TV


age: 11ish
backstory: J.P. found him in a pricker bush in CT
likes: heights, being curious, chin scratchies
dislikes: getting stuck in ceilings, crawlspaces, etc.


age: 10ish
backstory: adopted from a friend
likes: food, snuggles, naps
dislikes: exercise


age: 5ish
backstory: rescue stray
likes: ham, cream cheese, singing, wagging
dislikes: humans

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